Santee, CA Cleanup

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Hoping your week thus far is full of meaningful impacts and new ways to make differences in your communities.


This week we are talking about the phenomenal efforts made at our Santee, CA cleanup on 7/31!


Our team of Eco Warriors and volunteers took to Mast Park in Santee to clean up a very impacted area in San Diego County. Our Team Leader for San Diego, Rainier Cardin, led our volunteers and Eco Warrior team. We partnered with the San Diego River Park Foundation who’s team lead was Aixa Willoughby. The SDRPF brings together communities to ensure a better future for the San Diego River. We had a great turnout of volunteers and veterans, ranging from Vietnam to the GWOT era. Angel Ward, a navy veteran and Miss North San Diego County was also in attendance! It was inspiring to see so many communities connected on this day as we tackled new terrain while we expand operations into areas outside of just beach cleanups, taking our impacts farther than before. This cleanup marked 23/40 cleanups on our #RFVRoadto40. 


Now, let’s talk about the trash. This area received major improvement after the contributed efforts this day. Our teams picked up 7,700 lbs of trash! This marked an incredible milestone for our mission and teams. Any item you can think of was picked up - from a golf caddy, giant stuffed animals, and even a half-full propane tank. Our teams cleaned an estimated 40,000 square meters. We’d like to thank the City of Santee for helping us haul all of the trash picked up after the event!

This goes to show that no impact made is too small. It’s crucial to pack in what you pack out, no matter where you are going or what you are bringing. We left the City of Santee a lot cleaner this day, and our efforts made have us excited for more. We couldn’t be any more grateful to all of the amazing volunteers and organizations that came together this day to execute such a large impact made. This achievement will be one that we look back on always as we continue on our mission. 

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The RFV Team

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