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Welcome impact makers!


Recycle for Veterans is excited to announce plenty of exciting new features and events coming very soon, including this Impact Report blog!


We will be sharing weekly news and recaps of what’s going on with RFV right here. Be sure to subscribe to this blog for updates and be one of the first to know what we have planned for making impacts everywhere possible. 


Lastly, we wanted to thank all of our amazing volunteers and supporters for contributing to our efforts and making a mission like this possible. We can do it all because of you, and we have plans for continuing to make the planet a cleaner place all while connecting our communities and empowering veterans. 


So, what is going on at RFV?


Our team has worked incredibly hard this year to bring to you new plans, events, merch, and more. RFV has rebranded and we have so much to share!


So, what’s new at RFV?

Recycle For Veterans is relaunching - this means that we took some time to improve overall, and now we’re ready to make an impact bigger than ever before.

New Blog

We hope you’re loving it so far. Introducing the Impact Report blog that you can find on our website and subscribe for future news and publications! We’re sharing every impact made!

New Website


If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our new website! It’s been improved, it’s faster, and it’s easily accessible for all of your needs!

Revamped Logo

We gave the logo we’ve all come to love some freshening up. It now has a much cleaner and modern feel.

New Merch

We heard you, and now we’re delivering. New merch is on it’s way! Follow the countdown for what’s to come on the website!

Eco Warrior Program 

We love our veterans and active duty service members, and now they can apply to be apart of our expanding team! Service members are the core to our mission, and we love empowering them and working alongside them. Visit our website to apply and find our more information! The Eco Warrior program has amazing perks, advancements, and opportunities!

Business & Sponsorships

We’ve made it easier than ever to partner up to make an impact anywhere. Does your business want to host a cleanup with us and your company team? The website has all the information on how we can work together along with the application link!


We’re beyond excited to take our mission further. The purpose of this relaunch was to be able to reach more areas where we can make a difference. It’s not just about cleaning up beaches. We are providing a connection for our communities, empowering veterans, and making impacts in every place possible, including reaching many more areas than before. We’re aiming to make an impact on a much higher scale - our events and teams are designed to be executed with the mindset of efficiency and leaving the planet a lot cleaner and our communities more empowered to make a difference. We’re expanding so that anyone who wants to contribute to bettering the planet can join. We’re connecting those who have served to recycle their skills and join an impactful team, as well as those who want to support the mission and make a difference too.

We’re ready to make an impact, and we’re ready for you to join us. Welcome and enjoy the new and improved Recycle For Veterans!

Wishing you well on your future impacts,

The RFV team

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Love the new launch! Can not wait to see what is next and make an even greater impact in our communities and our world!


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