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Have fun, meet new people and make an impact

Our goal is to help be a part of the community we live in. We want to show the world that a group of motivated people can make a difference. We created recycle for veterans as a way to bring our community together to clean up the areas we wouldn’t normally think to pick up trash at.

Our mission is to provide a fun and interactive environment that is designed to help making clean up our Earth fun. We want to be part of the solution, and by being an ethical and world conscious business we can make an impact! So join us, recycle for veterans and lend a hand. Meet some new people, get some sun, and make an impact in your community today!

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We Are Men With A Vision

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Kyle Hansen


kyle Hansen

Kyle Hansen grew up in Orange County, CA and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps directly out of high school.  After serving for almost five years, he was medically retired due to a severe training accident at Camp Pendleton, CA.  After the accident, Kyle realized his military career would be over, but he still wanted to find ways to serve his community.  Kyle and Andrew decided to create Recycle For Veterans not only to serve their communities, but to also continue serving their country by helping the veterans who serve every day.

Andrew Levin

Andrew Levin was born and raised in Orange County. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served as an infantry machine gunner and also went on to be a scout swimmer. Andrew quickly realized his passion for the environment after spending countless hours in nature and the ocean. Once separated from the Marine Corps after serving four years, Andrew knew that he wanted to continue finding ways to serve his country and his community. Kyle and Andrew Co-Founded Recycle For Veterans on that principle of servitude along with the opportunity to serve their communities in a different way they previously served before.

Andrew Levin


Be The Change You Want To See

Make A Difference For All Of Us


We are committed to being a driving force for positive change in our world. Recycle for veterans wants to help communities around the world take charge for a better and cleaner future.

Growing Community

Every day we are growing out community and reaching more and more people. We want to spread the word and grow our family!

Better Future

Together we can create a better future for generations to enjoy. By being accountable and helpful, we want ot change the world.

join us for one of our cleanups and support local change

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